Can Solar Heating Make a Difference to My Enjoyment of the Pool?

Even though Australia is renowned as one of the sunniest climates on earth, it is still of course subject to seasonal temperature changes. This leaves a lot of Australians staring longingly at the pool out of their window on a nice, sunny spring day, rather than jumping in for a nice dip. You can change this scenario by considering solar heating, but what are the main issues to take into account first?

4 Top Reasons Your Water Treatment Facility Needs a Cooling Tower Expert

Replacing a cooling tower in your water treatment facility may be a difficult and expensive endeavor that can affect your bottom line in the short-run. In some situations, especially when the water system has incurred extensive damage, replacing the entire cooling tower may be the best economical choice. A cooling tower specialist will help you make an informed decision on whether your system may be refurbished or replaced based on several factors.

4 Solar Power Ideas You Can Apply Outdoors To Make Your Home A Lot More Interesting

When it comes to incorporating solar power systems at home, most people often think of using the power for integral indoor applications such as water heating, lighting, powering electrical appliances, etc. This is all well and good; however, solar power can be used for exciting outdoor applications as well. Check out some ideas below. Swimming pool heating If you have a swimming pool, it goes without saying that the cold water can get a little intimidating sometimes.