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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Installation Answered

So you have decided to get solar panels. You are well on your way to both saving money on your electricity bill and helping the environment by using less electricity generated by coal. The problem is that deciding to get solar is just the first step and solar installation can be a tricky process to navigate. Before you get started you likely have some common questions that most people who want solar power have at the beginning. Here are some of those FAQs and answers that should ease your mind about moving forward into a greener energy supply.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

The most basic question but also the one where the answer dictates all else. How many solar panels you get will inform where they are placed, what type of panels you get and the total cost. If you want to completely eliminate your power bill, then you need to match your daily kWh (kilowatts per hour) usage. To do this you need to know the strength of the solar panels and add them together to meet the quota. For example, if the solar panels you want generate 2kWh a day and your daily usage is 10kWh then you will need 5 solar panels. Of course, it takes many more solar panels to actually generate that amount of energy, that it is just a simple guide of how to do the maths.

Do You Need To Completely Eradicate Your Power Bill?

Many people start their solar journey just wanting to reduce their power bill, not totally eliminate it. You do not need to get a solar power system that makes you self-sufficient, and most people don't. That is great news for people who might have a little bit of money right now, but not enough for the overarching system that would eliminate their power needs. The federal government also still has many rebates and incentives to help you afford your solar installation. If the price is a concern, chat with a solar panel provider, they will know how you can maximise these schemes to your benefit.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Installation can take anywhere from an afternoon to a full working week. It depends on a few key factors:

  • Accessibility: Is your roof easy to get on top of? 
  • Obstructions: Are there overhanging branches that need to be removed?
  • Positioning: What direction does your house face? This is a key detail, some houses require special solar installation on the ground if the roof isn't facing the right way.
  • Sze: How many solar panels do you need in your system?

What you also need to factor in is the time it takes to develop and procure your system. Sometimes panels or tangential supplies can be out of stock and require a refill before your house can be fitted out. But, in general, if you want your solar panels done then you can virtually always get it done within a month from start to finish, and most of the time much quicker than that.

For more information, contact a solar installation service in your area.