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4 Top Reasons Your Water Treatment Facility Needs a Cooling Tower Expert

Replacing a cooling tower in your water treatment facility may be a difficult and expensive endeavor that can affect your bottom line in the short-run. In some situations, especially when the water system has incurred extensive damage, replacing the entire cooling tower may be the best economical choice. A cooling tower specialist will help you make an informed decision on whether your system may be refurbished or replaced based on several factors. Here are a few reasons why you need a cooling tower expert for your water treatment plant.

Refurbishing the Cooling Tower -- Replacing a system that has served you for over 15 years can be a tough proposition, especially to a company focused on cost-cutting measures. Therefore, refurbishing the system can be a viable option only if the consumable components (shafts, drift eliminators, and fill), distribution pans and sidewalls are still in serviceable shape. The expert will only replace mechanical equipment like fans, motors, and bearings that suffer wear and tear over a short time-frame. The professional will also coat the internal surfaces to give the cooling tower another 20 years; thus, saving you from spending a lot of money on a complete overhaul.

Re-installation -- Sometimes, the old cooling tower may force you to invest heavily in replaceable parts such as blower wheels and shafts. These expensive repair and replacement processes may call for you to reconsider the refurbishment option. As such, rebuilding the tower may present excellent value for money than other alternatives. However, when you decide to go down this road, the specialist can help you minimize the replacement costs by tweaking the budget, through their extensive industry experience. You should note that it may cost you extra because you will incur labor costs and costs of hiring heavy machinery to lift the tower.

Winterizing the Cooling Tower -- Proper winterization of your system will prevent damage and subsequent losses resulting from delays and shutdowns. A cooling tower expert can install a winterization system that will prevent water in the system from freezing when the tower is not operational during winter. The specialist can install immersion heaters or remote sump in the basin of the cooling tower. The technicians will also insulate the inlets and outlets to prevent damage to the pipes.

Emergency Repair -- Most cooling tower specialist are often called on site to attend to emergency repairs. Cold weather issues, heating problems, or drainage problems are some of the major problems that may warrant you to turn to an emergency repair technician. Ensure that the professional has stocked a wide range of parts and components for your cooling tower repair problems. Fixing a small problem as soon as possible is more cost-effective compared to the huge inconvenience of a complete shutdown of the entire plant.     

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