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4 Solar Power Ideas You Can Apply Outdoors To Make Your Home A Lot More Interesting

When it comes to incorporating solar power systems at home, most people often think of using the power for integral indoor applications such as water heating, lighting, powering electrical appliances, etc. This is all well and good; however, solar power can be used for exciting outdoor applications as well. Check out some ideas below.

Swimming pool heating

If you have a swimming pool, it goes without saying that the cold water can get a little intimidating sometimes. Not to mention the cold winter and autumn months when you have to avoid the pool due to the low temperatures. With a solar power pool heating system in place, you can make your pool warm and inviting 24/7. This will allow you to enjoy your swims any time you like no matter what the weather is like outside.

Automatic gate function

Another interesting application of solar power at home is gate automation. With gate automation, a motor and a pair of robotic arms are installed on your gate to allow remote control as well as the use of an intercom system. Gate automation makes your home safer because you never have to rely on locks anymore. It also makes getting in and out of your home very convenient. More than that, an automated gate system gives your home a touch of high-end style.

Outdoor security lighting

Still on safety, you can use solar power to make your home safe at night by illuminating your compound to deter criminals. Most security lights are extremely bright and tend to consume a lot of power every month, even the LED ones. By tapping into solar power, therefore, you can save lots of money while keeping your assets and family safer.

Landscape lighting

If your home has a garden, you can use solar power to make it even more outstanding via outdoor lighting. For one, you can use solar power to light up your patio or pergola and not just with basic lighting but decorative lighting as well. You can also use solar power for swimming pool lighting (decorative as well). Your contractor can also install lighting along the garden walkways, decking and any other applicable areas.

A solar power contractor can advise you on where you need to install the solar power system for any of the listed uses above. They can also advise you on the amount of power needed and what size to install to meet that power requirement.